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SR-650 Specs (8.5x11)                  SR-650 Specs (11x17)

Main Drum

  • Hardened overlaid demountable water circulated steel brake rims are 42in diameter x 12in wide. Drum shaft diameter is 6.5in. 1 1/8in wire line size standard.

Sand Line Drum

  • Hardened overlaid demountable steel brake rims are 42in diameter x 8in wide. Wire line capacity is 16,500ft of 9/16.

Draw Works Features

  • Water splash brake cooling on sand drum
  • Twin Kobelt 5026 48x7 disc assist brake
  • 1 1/8in Lebus grooving on main drum
  • 224 Wichita Clutch on sand line drum
  • 324-H Wichita Clutch on main drum

Mast Model 104/300
(Double Tubing, Triple Rods)-(per API 4F)

  • 4-leg fixed base
  • Clear height is 104ft below crown
  • Static hook load capacity on 6 lines 270,000lbs *8 lines 300,000lbs
  • 36in fast line sheave
  • 30in dead line sheave
  • 24in sheave cluster
  • All sheaves mounted on Timken double row bearings
  • Racking platform capacity is 24,000ft of 2 7/8in tubing
  • Hydraulic rams for raising and telescoping
  • Adjustable work platform
    • Mast lighting
    • Standpipes
    • Optional Mast Models
    • 108/300

Drive Train

  • Standard Cummins QSX15 665hp (Caterpillar or Detroit Diesel optional)
  • Allison M6610A 6-speed transmission
  • Optional engine cover for weather protection


  • Standard 5-axle carrier
  • Front axles (rated at 22,000lbs each) have spring suspension
  • Rear axles (rated at 52,000lbs combined) have walking beam suspension
  • Third (non-driving) rear axle with air bag lift suspension rated at 20,000lbs
  • All axles monitored by a Bendix Anti-Lock Brake System
    • Fourth (non-driving) rear axle with air bag lift suspension rated at 20,000lbs
    • Hydraulically raised operator’s station

Controls and Hydraulic System

  • Controls for all leveling jacks, mast raising and scoping cylinder, engine, transmission, main drum clutch, winch, and road to winch shifting are located in a stainless steel, clearly marked with laser etching, control box for quick, easy rig-up.
  • 50gpm hydraulic pump for all rig hydraulics and tong operation
  • Filters provided on suction and return lines
  • Standard Braden PD12 Service Winch

Rig Options

  • Hydraulic oil cooler for continuous use and hot climate applications
  • Cold weather engine package with fuel, oil and coolant heaters
  • Ventilated engine/transmission enclosure with removable doors
  • Folding walkways on off-operator side
  • Rotary drive package


DR 1000
DR 725
SR 650
SR 550
SR 450
SR 350


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